The Game Soundtrack Volume 2

by The Conscious Rap Teacher

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released February 2, 2016



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Conscious Rap Project Portland, Oregon

The Conscious Rap Project is about the awakening of the human soul, body, mind, and spirit using the tool of conscious music. Music that doesn’t have an expiration date, but an inspiration fate. We believe one of the number one priorities in education is to know yourself.

Major Themes:
Knowledge of Self
Keys to Success
Health and Fitness
Critical Thinking
Black Empowerment
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Track Name: Richard Allen
"Richard Allen"
Written & Performed by: Neahe Ashain
BMI Publishing

Verse 1
I'm just clay on the potters table,
Hopin to be made over,
I care less about the fancy lables,
I'm maturing as I'm growing older.

The world is cold so many lives are being sold,
I love my God now its time for me to stand bold,

All this religion got me trippin cause they missin it,
Makin it hard for the future of our adolescence,

Its hard to make sense if you ain't bringin no change,
What's the point of fame if you ain't tryna ease the pain,

Somebody needs to do something but, everybody said they wouldn't do so nobody did it listen,
Call me nobody cause I get it done,
From the start of the race to the ending of the run son,

Yeah, I fight till the finish,
And when I spit it I spit it for the Bishop.

Verse 2
Its hard to find time to relax,
Or even time to write a song,
Cause it hard for me to kick back,
If I quit now how will the message carry on?

So I carry on, my hood on Trayvon,
Tryna start a revolution with my J's on,

Devil in my face I hit him with that right cross,
I fight the good fight of faith no matter what the cost,

And this can cost me my life,
But to further Gods people this is worth the sacrifice,

Every night if we fight, tryna get our money right,
Then tell me when exactly are we enjoying life,

Life is to precious, life is a gift,
I'm living in the present so I live in what it is,

And rappin is a gift, I call it gift rap,
I do it for the Bishop Richard Allen like that.

Verse 3
I look into the eyes of my two kids,
And I wonder what they're futures like,
I pray they open up their eye lids,
And see the futures very bright,

So everytime I grab the mic I pray I show'em light,
And I pray I'm spittin life when kill the mic,

Right now I'm standin on my own two,
Hopin that I start a movement that'll move you,

Yeah you (Who?) the person that I'm talkin to,
Educate your mind think beyond the red or blue,

Be Richard Allen on that boulevard,
Positively standin out is what makes you hard,

Instead of violence go ignite peace,
Instead of wild'N get up out them streets,

I live my life straigter than my crease,
And I do it for the founder of the AME.