The Game Soundtrack Vol 1

by Conscious Rap Project

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Conscious Rap Project Portland, Oregon

The Conscious Rap Project is about the awakening of the human soul, body, mind, and spirit using the tool of conscious music. Music that doesn’t have an expiration date, but an inspiration fate. We believe one of the number one priorities in education is to know yourself.

Major Themes:
Knowledge of Self
Keys to Success
Health and Fitness
Critical Thinking
Black Empowerment
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Track Name: Randal Wyatt - Flyin
Verse 1: (Diezel P)
Who’s the flyest? I’m the pilot teaching you what flight is/
Because many are misguided away from where the sky is/
Or shoot for altitudes of the highest/
Flying so far from earth they lose sight of what life is/
Imitation’s what the crime is/
I used to follow flocks, now I got being my self down to a science/
I just spread my wings and let the wind be my guidance/
Those behind I instruct to glide with, form an alliance/
Give me space, and like it, I will be timeless/
These penguins think they’re cool because their close to where the ice is/
They’re wings don’t elevate them and they spend their life slidin’/
To a cold place, and when they die they can’t take their ice with em/
I’m the astronaut that prospers without oxygen/
So when my spirits gone I’ll still live on because the songs I did/
I’ve flown through hurricanes and watched my life spin/
But in the middle of the storm, I saw how beautiful life is/

Chorus: (Aaron O’Bryan Smith)
When your flyin’/
You don’t have to fly too far, to shine like the brightest star, just realize who you are/
When your flyin’/
Some people try to hard, to shine like them other stars, and lose sight of who they are/

Verse 2:
Some believe that they’re high but are lost amongst the clouds/
With restricted vision, unmotivated to move about/
Another caged bird with limited feed and clipped wings/
Who thinks living the dream is content with just being/
What’s that?..... It’s a bird, it’s a plane/
An assumption that we usually make, it’s a shame/
That the unidentified is considered a renegade/
Unwelcomed to our land, because we’ve been told to be afraid/
But hey, some stars may never find their place in/
A galaxy that’s filled with millions of constallations/
But shines brighter that the lights in the city scapes/
Occasionally drowned out by pollution the city makes/
When you aviate, never look back, only forward/
To avoid crash courses with those who fly towards you/
And watch for Hijackers trying to fly your plane for you/
So make sure you have aboard soldiers, when your flying/

Chorus: (Aaron O’Bryan Smith)
When your flyin’/
You don’t have to fly too far, to shine like the brightest star, just realize who you are/
When your flyin’/
Some people try to hard, to shine like them other stars, and lose sight of who they are/

Drop: (Aaron Harmonizes for 8 bars)
(Diezel P):
Young man, spread your wings before your seed, and let the wind take you to the land of the free/
Young ladies, spread your wings before your legs, and let the wind take you to that beautiful place/
(Repeats until fades out)
Track Name: Aaron Obryan Smith - Change
(Verse 1)
Eyes in the back of my head and I'm dreamin,
Focus and thoughts are real clear like Im streamin,
Seemin, like the world had changed to demon,
Everybody whipped wit ice but not creamin',
Hmmm...Do I really wanna live like that?
What real things do I gain from the night cap?
Head blown off cuz u sort of was the right cat,
What good is the bed if the bugs bite back?
I don't like that,
For the table to turn and come right back,
And u aint able to learn cuz u caint fight back,
Now u aint fightin at all caint get yo life back,
Sad sack, of beans
Instead of spendin we should learn how to cook greens,
Help grandma out like she ya #1 queen,
She gon teach ya somethin like ya favorite movie seen,
And all this time u thinkin "grandma used to be mean" but

People start changin
Memory erasin,
They'll never see
They'll never see
A brighter day...

(Verse 2)
You livin nice so u don't ever see how rude it get,
You're not exclusive cuz your life just a duplicate,
You knockin girlies but your precence don't influence ish,
A dream without the work just turns into another wish,
And I aint sayin I aint livin with sin,
Pick up the pin then u live in pretent,
U try to say your content and no one else can contend but now your gon
with the wind the wind,
Drop, bass gettin heavier
And so is life homie
Need to stop minglin and get a wife homie,
Its all fun and games til some get hurt,
Track Name: Aaron Obryan Smith - Night John
(Verse 1)
I'm a man with integrity in this match with the devil see,
Waller tryna get me but he'll never touch the better me,
Tellin all my people that we want what he got,
But we just wanted freedom
You see, a slave dont tell em nothin but a leader live for somethin,
You read a book for knowledge now they see the challenge comin,
I'm lookin for support so I'm runnin to the North,
And ima teach em how to read the message back and forth/
Listen, put down ya shovel cuz leave tonight,
And we aint comin back until we see the better life,
I'm not a vegetable so I gotta let them know,
Living life in seperation is just livin wrong,
Ima slave tonight but slave to my own people,
I see u lookin buddy but you need a bigger peep hole,
Uh, and its a major part of major life,
And this a story bout a hero tryna save a life,

Nightjohn Nightjohn
Where u at
Nightjohn Nightjohn
Bring it back

(Verse 2)
Just got back so now tryna teach my people,
We just tryna be on top cuz we aint tryna be no equals,
While I'm readin to my fam I get caught cuz poor plannin,
So they chopped off my toes but ya boy still standin,
See, Sarnsy baby don't u worry bout a thing cuz we gon make it outta reading read his face and then you'll see that he's the most terrified person and the whole planet,
Might not need to take the freedom cuz he might just hand it,
Uh, don't write words on the dirt girl,
Cuz if u do somebody gonna get hurt girl,
The man will hold ya back and if u let em he gon lead ya,
His sins are complicated he's created for the reaper,
And Sarny your a keeper,
So keep ya mind right,
And u gon be a teacher
Just when the times right,
And if I die tonight hope the lesson was enough,
I love my people take this message and just read it up,

See, weeping may endure for the night but I know joy comes in the morning,
If u believe it how will u achieve it?
Remember who u are
U are brightest star
Stay close and don't move far
Because we leavin tonight!!!!!